Friday, August 28, 2009

He wasn't the only one about to be strangled

So is was sitting in the theater enjoying some gummi bears while I waited for the movie to start.

With plenty of time before the show started, a very reserved and normal-looking family quickly came in and quietly found their way to their seats. They then sat down and prepared for the movie to begin.

Just kidding.

What actually happened was that with very little time to spare before showtime this family with every shade of wacky hair cut (mowhawk, combover, unneccesarrily long braid) slowly wandered in and very loudly debated with eachother over wear to sit. The man with the combover was the only one with any sense and chose to sit apart from the rest of his group. This prompted what I can only assume was some sort of wife or something to begin strangling him.

For a moment I began wondering if this was some sort of Improv Everywhere stunt. For a moment I also considered throwing my gummi bears at these people. The only thing stopping me from doing so was my undying love of gummi bears.

I totally win.


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