Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Can you win against a dog?

Rachel sends us this picture along with the above question and the following description:

"Can you win against a dog? Because if so, I do. Two front casts to the elbows, pink socks (with little smiley faces) to keep the casts clean, blue circus collar so she doesn't bite at the casts, and (not pictured) a matching blue diaper. But I guess technically she had no control over these things. I did. Maybe it's you who totally wins."

I don't think I can award you the points for this one, Rachel, seeing as how you were the one who broke the poor dog's legs in the first place. What? She jumped out of your arms and onto the hard floor all on her own? A likely story. Tell it to Ugly Dog Protective Services. They should be arriving any minute now.


1 comment:

  1. And why can't we see the picture of the dog's diaper to top it all off? Poor Popple! Sad thing is, she doesn't need a diaper, a cone, or two pink casts for anyone to totally win against her. Oops - sorry I just re-read the rule that mere ugliness doesn't count.